Photography LightingThink photograph without light! Sounds unusual, right? There is no photograph without proper lighting.

Lighting is often out looked by many amateur photographers. But, lighting is one of the important aspects of photography.

When particularly dealing with photography lighting, every one will think those big large flood lights adding light to the picture.

But, in simple terms photograph is an art of light and shade.

There are specifically two types of light

  • Natural :natural sources like sun and moon
  • Artificial: man made light sources.

When compared with artificial light photographs, pictures shot in natural light have greater clarity.

Professional photographers say that the natural light at sun set or sun rise is the superlative light for photography and gives perfect light for pictures.

Some photographers believe that the spam of 10 minutes before sun set and sun rise is the awesome time for photography and the snaps taken in this time will be perfect. If you are a beginner, try at this time rather than starting at night or afternoon.

Photography in the mid afternoon when the sun is sharp, bright and hot is not preferable. This time is avoided by many photographers as this light does not support photography.

Shooting at this time will give empty shadows and dark highlights in your pictures. But now-a- days this is not stopping many photographers. With the help of a polarizer, you can control the effect of sun for getting quality pictures.

Not only bright light affects your picture, but dull and cloudy light also affects your picture. The features in your digital camera can help you overcome this problem. Check if you have any such facility in your camera.

By excluding bright and dull lights, you can’t have any pictures of that specific time. Many great pictures can be taken in dull light also. The important factor is that you must be able to make your picture great in any light.

Indoor shooting can’t give you proper light even on the most sunny or bright day. What will you do in the night? Will you stop shooting? There is a solution for this problem.

When natural light does not support the clarity, artificial light is the solution. This varies for many branches like an inbuilt flash, an external flash or studio setup for light. [Camera Flash]

The inbuilt flash is almost present in any digital camera and some times it is auto setter, it adjusts according to the lighting conditions and does not need any overview of the photographer.

An external flash is detachable and present as an extra accessory for the digital camera. Attach when the internal flash is not enough and exclude when internal flash is perfect.

Studio set up: These are used in studios or exactly for cinema purposes where you need extra light, it can be indoor shooting or outdoor shooting.

These are simple but useful photo lighting tips to make your pictures look fresh and great even after a long time.



  1. There was a book I saw a while back I cannot remember the name of it, but it had to do with painting with light.

    Lighting is definitely one of the most important factors in photography. When used properly, you can direct the viewers attention and bring out aspects that you need. I personally, love playing with light to achieve different effects. I got into photography from an artists perspective and everyday I learn more.

    I recently just found your articles and think they are very informative. Keep up the good work.

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