All digital images need sharpening because the capture process softens the images and the digital pixels makes the edges of the images appear less sharp and jaded.

Most of the digital cameras offer no control or even less control over the image sharpening process. However, cameras with sophisticated technology can allow you to alter the sharpness of the images.

What is Unsharp mask image sharpening?

Unsharp masking is most common image sharpening routine. However, don’t confuse with simple sharpening filter and unsharp mask image sharpening routine.

Basically, sharpening filters enhance the contrast between adjacent pixels and highlights stray pixels.

Unsharp masking compensates the phenomenon of simple sharpening filter by combining sharpening and smoothing operations.

How much sharpness is essential?

Actually, the sharpness required for a digital image mainly depends on the type of image and may vary from one image to another.

If you apply over sharpness to an image, it may seem that the objects in the digital image are outlined with a pencil. So, you can use different levels of settings available in the image processor to sharpen the digital image.

If your image includes fine details, then it may often need very less sharpness when compared with images with larger objects. So, you can make use of threshold value to apply different levels of sharpening to get wonderful digital images.


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