landscape photographAn interesting name given to a distance, a name that labels one of the most important parameters in digital photography.

If we gather all names and terms used in digital photography we could say it’s too much, but it’s nothing that complicated, actually it is as simple as “hello”.

Hyper-focal distance a tiny detail that can make the difference

The distance named this fancy represents a distance setting that allows capturing of the greatest depth of field. In other words, all the objects from half this distance to horizon will not be blurred.

When you need to take landscape photographs, the only technique is to focus on hyper focal distance and the result is everything in the photograph, from some near distance to infinity will be sharp.

No difficulty is encountered while obtaining the sharpest photo because the common lenses can handle focusing at hyper-focal distance very well with the help of manual focusing.

Take a hyper-focused picture

When taking a landscape picture the hyper-focal distance is what we need to have in mind. Some lenses have a scale that measures the depth of field and lucky photographers that are blessed with them won’t need to do any calculations.

Anyways, these types of lenses are a little expensive so it is better if you know how you can determine the correct hyper-focal distance for perfect landscape photography.

You can use hyper focal distance equation which is a function of focal length, f- number and circle of confusion.

Don’t worry, photography will not transform into a Math’s session so to avoid this geeky thing, you can refer to the tables of values provided with the digital camera because it’s very tedious to calculate hyper focal distance each time you went out for photography. That would be more than sufficient to calculate this hyper focal distance.

When you’ll focus on hyper focal distance, initially nearer objects will be seen blurred because the lens aperture is wide open and the depth of field does not remain same while taking the picture.

Most of the people have tendency to focus on nearby objects due to which they lose focus from hyper focal distance and the image gets blurred. So believe in your photography and don’t lose focus on the distance to avoid image getting blurred.

In the middle of the nature or in the heart of a busy city, from the top of a skyscraper or up in the mountains, the landscape photo will look just perfect, now that you know what the hyper-focal distance is.



  1. I love Landscape photography.It’s one of my favorite subjects, so I am very pleased to read this article.It is informative, easy to read and understand.Thanks and well done.

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