There are two basic ways to take photos in low light. One is to use the flash option and the other is to use a slow shutter speed without a flash. However, these methods aren’t always perfect as the flash can make the subject too bright and the background too dark and a slower shutter speed is best used with subjects that aren’t moving.

There is another choice though, and that’s to use slow sync flash. This is a function that many cameras have it and takes shots with a combination of using the flash as well as a slow shutter speed. This allows you to get a pretty sharp image of the main subject along with some ambient light both the foreground and background.

On some cameras you can use the slow sync flash as a manual option and set the flash strength and exposure length, but on others it’ll come as an automatic mode, usually referred to as night mode or party mode.

If you can go manual, you might see options called front curtain sync and rear curtain sync. The rear curtain sync fires the flash at the ending of the exposure and the front curtain sync fires the flash at the beginning of the exposure.

If you’re taking shots of a moving subject the difference between front and rear sync is quite noticeable. Rear sync combined with panning is very effective when taking sports and action shots.


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