Camera shake can ruin more photos than just about any other reason. A camera’s shutter has to stay open long enough to get a good exposure. This means it stays open longer when there’s less light and it can often blur the image if the camera moves. You may think the photo’s out of focus, but it’s actually camera shake that’s ruining the photo, especially if you see double images. In addition, the camera is more prone to shake the more you zoom in on the subject.

The solutions to camera shake are using a tripod or faster shutter speeds. Many photographers who use 35mm SLR cameras will use a formula known as ‘one over the focal length.’  For example if the lens is a 20mm wide angle model, then a safe shutter speed could be 1/15 of a second to 1/30 of a second.

Using a tripod will stabilize the camera and this well let you use longer shutter speeds as the camera won’t be susceptible to shaking. However, carrying a tripod around with you isn’t always convenient. However, there is another solution you can try and that’s to use a flash.

When a camera uses its built-in flash the subject’s motion is usually frozen. But the subject has to be close to the camera. Using a flash may also spoil the mod of the photo as it can eliminate most of the natural light.


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