Some digital cameras are faster than others and this could be important as you’ll notice there’s usually a gap of a second or two before you can take the next photo.  This is known as shutter lag and happens because a digital camera is basically a small computer and needs to record specific information before enabling you to advance to the next step.

Many low-resolution and inexpensive compact digital cameras have some type of shutter lag and there will be a momentary delay between shots.

There’s not really anything you can do about this and buying a faster card  won’t really solve the problem.

A faster card is ideal and sometimes necessary for top-notch digital SLR cameras and some of the high-end compact digital as the cameras’ “engine” is quite fast and powerful and can take photos and store it in the card as the same time. However, a high-speed card in a regular compact camera won’t make any difference.

Many SLR models allow you to take several consecutive shots in a matter of seconds, but if you’re using a regular point and shoot model, remember to consider the amount of shutter lag when taking your photos and try to be prepared for it and adjust to it.


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