camera apertureHave you done much with controlling the aperture? Have you heard of this technique? Basically to control the camera aperture is quite an advanced technique in which you can completely control the lighting through controlling the width of the lens of the camera.

Think of the lens of the camera like the iris of our eye and when you squint you control the amount of light that gets into your vision which completely alternates the way the objects you see will look to you.

When you use a smaller aperture number you will be able to use a shorter shutter speed which as we all know will allow you to take many pictures and better fast action shots.

When you use a larger aperture number you will be able to use longer shutter speeds which of course will be appropriate for bright lights such as a bright and sunny day outside.

Aperture also affects the depth of field in your photographs. If you are shooting a landscape you will want to use a small aperture which will result in a greater depth of field.


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