action shotsUsually most people who are new to photography complain about how lousy their action shots are.

By following simple tips it is easy to take good shots. The first thing to take note of is the camera that you use to take the action shots. [Action Photography]

It is not advisable to use digital cameras due to shutter lag.

Usually in most digital cameras it takes a complete second from the moment you press the shutter button to the moment that the photo is actually taken.

In order to take a good action shot you need a 35mm camera which takes a photo in 50miliseconds. There is a great difference between one second and 50 milliseconds. Another option would be to replace the camera with a higher end camera which has less shutter lag.

The shutter speed is also of great importance when taking an action shot. The faster the shutter speed the better the capture of fast motion and the slower the shutter speed the lower the chances of capturing fast motion.

However this is not impossible if one practises the planning technique. This involves focusing on the subject and taking the picture while the camera is moving.

If you practise hard enough you will discover that it becomes easier to capture fast motion pictures which have a positive blurry effect which makes the picture unique but good.

The most popular action shots to photography would have something to do with sports therefore as additional information here are some tips to shooting sport action pictures.

It is always wise to know as much about the sport you are interested in taking photos before eventually getting to the practical part.

This helps you to know what kind of action you are looking for and thus predict some of the shots before they actually do happen. Sometimes weather can be so unpredictable and thus it is always wise to be geared up when going for an out-door game with things like extra batteries etc.

Mostly people complain of the problem with the shutter button and the above mentioned problem that it takes too long and thus mostly the action is missed, here is a simple solution which will not take an extra dollar out of your pocket.

Depress the shutter button just a little before taking the photo. This allows for the shutter to take care of all its functions and when you eventually press the shutter button again for the photo to be taken it will do precisely that without having to go through the procedure again.



  1. This is extremely useful information. I’m sure it will help a lot of beginners get really interested in sports action!Great stuff!Thanks.

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