While a digital camera can do a lot, it can’t think. For this reason, some people are getting dark shots or having their subjects look like silhouettes in their images.

This is because they’re using the auto mode on the camera and the device thinks there’s enough light to take a photo, but in reality there isn’t. An example of this could be a photo in a dark building that has a lot of light coming through the window behind the subjects.

The best way to take photos when the lighting seems a little dark is to use the flash as a supplemental light source. This is basically a technique known as fill flash.

The flash isn’t used as the primary source of light, but it adds to the existing light by filling in the spaces the natural light can’t reach.

The fill flash can also help to reduce shadows that are created from a light source above the subjects. It’s a good technique to use in macro and nature photography too. You first have to learn how to force the camera to shoot with the flash.

Many cameras will have an icon that looks like a bolt of lightning and this could lead to some options if you press it. If not, you can read the owner’s manual.

If your camera has an option for the strength of the flash, experiment to make sure it’s not too bright as the photos can become overexposed.


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