If you’re experimenting with taking outdoor action photos, such as skate boarding, mountain biking, and cycling, you may want to try using the flash. This will allow you to eliminate some dark shadows. When using a flash for outdoor action you should be able to get some crisp images as the flash will fill out shadows and will complement the natural light. You can also get some pretty neat effects if slow down the shutter speed.

If your camera allows you to control the amount of flash, it’s a good idea to experiment with several different levels. Most photos won’t need a full flash, so you can cut back a little bit and the photo will have a more natural look to it.

If you combine flash with a slower shutter speed you should capture movement in natural ambient light as well as being able to freeze some details.

You can also try panning the subject as they move with a slow sync flash to get some interesting images with a blurred background while the subject will be in focus because of the flash.

Another experiment is to zoom the lens in or out during the moment of exposure and you should achieve a sense of movement in the image and still as well as stillness because of the flash.

To get really creative you can try various off-camera flash experiments to light the moving subject from different angles as they move by.


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