There are so many options in photography that it’s hard to experiment with everything that’s possible. However, slowing your shutter speed down to 1/20th of a second will allow you to be creative and get some excellent shots with some interesting effects.

For instance, you can cause intentional blur in images such as waterfalls and increase the depth of field in them. There are even more possibilities if you use a tripod or some other type of steadying device.


There’s nothing particularly special about 1/20th of a second. You can basically choose any shutter speed or aperture mode on your digital camera and experiment with it.

Every speed and stop will offer something different and you can test them out and be creative while setting a specific mood for your images.

Because 1/20th of a second is considered a slow speed, you need to make sure you are very steady with the camera as any type of movement will be noticeable. Something as simple as pressing through the shutter release instead of pressing it down hard can cut out camera shake.

Hold the camera properly, but if there are things around that you can steady it on don’t be afraid to use them. These could be solid objects such as walls, a car, or a building, etc. You could even choose to lie on the ground.

Of course, if you have a tripod it would really be handy as a way to steady the camera. But let’s be realistic, most people don’t carry a tripod with them when they’re walking around the town.

However, if you’re going out specifically to experiment at a certain shutter speed, it’s a good option, especially at slow speeds.

Experimenting with all of the possibilities available is a great way to learn how shutter speeds and aperture sizes affect photography.


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