If you’d like to spice up your landscape photography with a little bit of variety, you should consider taking shots out in the countryside with lenses that have longer focal lengths. Most landscape photography is taken with some type of wide angle lens.

This is because it’s actually the best way to take landscape shots because they can capture most views quite dramatically.

But if you’d like to try something a little different or new, take a different lens with you the next time you head out into the wilderness.

Taking landscape photos with longer focal lengths is often a good alternative when you’re taking shots in well-known and popular locations as these images can often all look the same. For example, how many shots of Niagara Falls have you seen and do they really differ that much?

Taking the images with a longer focal length can often capture various layers and patterns that appear on the horizon. These usually can’t be seen when taking landscapes with wide lenses.

If you’d like to try landscape photography with a longer lens, it’s a good idea to make sure you use a tripod with the camera. When you’re shooting with a longer focal length any type of movement or camera shake can really be noticed. It will become more noticeable the longer the lens is. Make sure the camera’s secure and you may also want to use some type of remote shutter release.


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