There are many great photo opportunities once fall hits the air and the eaves start to change colour. There are a few things you can do to get the best fall photos possible.

fall-photographyYou should try and keep the camera set to a low ISO to keep the shots sharp with no graininess.

It’s also a good idea to use a tripod to keep the camera steady from blur and to maximize the depth of field.

Another good thing is to use some type of photo-editing on the images.

Make sure you know the best time of day to shoot as the direction of light can make or break a photo. The light is usually too high and flat around noon and its better when the sun is lower in the sky as it provides direction and shadows.

Try and vary the shots when it comes to depth of field and height and distance. You might want to take a wide landscape shot of the colourful trees and then a close up shot of a leaf floating down a stream.

It’s also fun to experiment with fast and slow shutter speeds for variety. Remember, you’ll need to use a tripod when using a slow exposure. You can get some good motion blur with leaves blowing in the wind and with flowing water and waterfalls, etc.


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