To many people, the art of photography is considered to be all about light. One of the most important aspects is the direction of light that’s falling on your subject. This is why it’s important to carefully study the subject to see how the shadows are falling.

If you have a choice when it comes to the time of day you can take your photos, it’s a good idea to choose a time the sun will be low in the sky, which basically means early morning and/or late in the afternoon.

When you take photos of people when the sun’s high in the sky, their eyes will often be in the shadows and they may need to squint because of the powerful light.

When shooting with sun lower down in the sky, the color of the light seems warmer and the yellows and reds look stronger, which usually generates a more satisfactory effect.

When taking photos in the sunlight it’s a good idea to put yourself in a position where the sun will be striking the subject from the side. This will create a nice modeling as well as a three dimensional effect in the photo.

If the sunlight’s behind the subject it can produce an interesting back light effect. However, make sure you’re not getting any flare in your lens as it can spoil the contrast in the image.


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