A lot of information has been given about the differences between CCD and CMOs sensors for images. Most of it has been about the cost considerations of both, but it is a lot more beyond that. It is indeed complicated to understand which one is the better alternative but the below given write up will help you. Read below to know the main differences in CCD and CMOS image sensors.

difference between CCD and CMOS sensor

  • CCD and CMOS are two totally different technologies and both of them have their own strengths as well as weaknesses. It all depends on the photography requirements.
  • Both of these image sensors depend of the photo electric effect in order to create electric signal through the light.
  • In a CCD sensor, the charge of each pixel is transferred through a really limited number of outputs in order to get converted to voltage and then get buffered and sent as an analog signal. In case of a CMOs sensor, every pixel takes care of its own conversion.
  • The CMOS sensor often includes features like amplifiers, noise corrections and digital circuits in order to help the chip export the output.
  • With every pixel carrying out its own conversion, the uniformity becomes low but also parallel in case of CMOS sensors, allowing the higher amount of total bandwidth for maximum speed of operation.
  • The CCD image sensor is more popular mainly because it provides the user with quality images, CMOS sensors often require uniformity and hence, people would choose to have CCD image sensors.
  • CMOS image sensors are expected to use a lower amount of power. They also reuse a lot of mainstream logic and the fabrication of memory device.
  • The mobile phones drive CMOS image volume with lower power consumption and higher synchronization with smaller components. Hence, these image sensors are commonly used in smart phones.
  • CCD is a technology of the past, rather really outdated for most of the machine vision areas or rather scan line imagers.
  • The performance of CMOS image censors is a lot better than CCDs with respect to the key parameters like speed and noise.
  • Most of the CMOs imager fabrication procedures are tuned for high volume applications whereas the CCD procedures can be fabricated with thicker EPI layers in order to preserve their capacity to resolve spatial features. You can hence choose to use an image sensor according to your technical preferences.

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