When you are shopping for a digital camera, it is very essential for you to decide how many megapixels do you need?

Even though it can be difficult for most of you to decide, it is very important if you really want to take quality pictures with your digital camera.

Here are few tips for you to decide how many megapixels you need for your digital camera.

2 megapixels: If you are looking for less expensive digital cameras, you can go with 2 megapixels or even less. But, it will be quite tough task for you to take good pictures. In addition, cameras with 2 megapixel lens are not recommended for taking family portraits.

3 megapixels: This would be a good compromise between price and quality of pictures. You can take good 4×6 or even 5×7 images with 3 megapixel cameras and the cost of the camera will be within your budget.

4 megapixels: You can take comparatively nice images with 4 megapixel camera. You can get photo lab quality pictures with 4 megapixels camera.

5 megapixels and up: If you are a professional photographer, then a camera with 5 megapixels and even more can be a right choice for you. You can take high quality images and also can enhance the art of your photography.


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