digital photos reflectionReflection in digital photos is a big problem for most photographers.

Some of the examples of reflection photos include candle reflections on those birthday party photos.

Candle glare and other reflection problems can be dealt with quite easily.

First of all you need to have a good, multi coated filter on your camera lens. If you don’t have a multi coated filter then you will have to put additional glass layers which will act as a filter and provide a surface for direct light sources to bounce off.

If you don’t have a filter then you can try using a quality B+W, Hoya etc this will substitute for the lack of a good coating. The problem might be of light bouncing in the lens and resulting in flare or ghosts. For this you might want to remove the filter.

The reflection problem might be caused by glossy and shiny surfaces. Reflective surfaces in a scene are bound to cause flares and ghosts in a photo. The equipment used can also be to blame; to take quality pictures you need quality equipment.

A good camera with fast shutter speed, a good camera flash, a multi coated filter. A problem with flash can cause flaring in your pictures, as it will produce distorted reflections. Spending a lot on quality camera equipment is worth it no matter what the cost.

When faced with photographic situations that are likely to produce flare, you have to take test pictures. First you have to set up a similar setup test scene take photos whilst you adjust the lens, camera aperture and exposure.

After this you can examine the photos and determine the right setting that gives you the least flare and ghosts.

Tilting the camera lens at an angle to the flare until you reach a position where it is no longer visible is another way to deal with the problem.

Being familiar with your photography equipment and how it behaves in different lighting situations is the key to eliminating the problem of reflection in your photography.

When you know how your lens behaves under various lighting situations then you can avoid reflections by making the necessary adjustments.

Flares and reflections normally occur under extreme lighting, which means you have to reduce the amount of light entering the camera, without affecting the image quality. Investing in filters is very important if you want to avoid reflections.


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