indoor lightingIf you are working with indoor lighting and cannot seem to get it right you may need to fall back on using your camera flash. [lighting techniques]

By not being able to get indoor lighting right we mean you may not be able to grasp the kind of control you want on your indoor lighting sources or maybe the indoor lighting sources are too close to your subject or too far away from your subject.

Oftentimes we are photographing a subject in an area that is just too small and enclosed to get the proper form of indoor lighting under control.

In these cases we will need to utilize the flash on our digital camera. While this isn’t an ideal choice it can be successful and deliver beautiful photographs if used properly and with the correct techniques.

Did you know that the reach of a flash on the standard and even advanced digital camera is only 10-15 feet? This means that if your subject is further away than 10-15 feet of your camera the flash will not properly do its job. In these cases you may need to use the properties of an external flash.



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