The company with an outstanding tradition in creating photo filters, B+W – Biermann+Weber was created in 1947 in Berlin, Germany by 2 business partners who gave the name to the company and to the brand of B+W filters.

In 1985, the company was united with Jos. Schneider Optical Works from Bad Kreuznach, and with this occasion the brand of B+W filters was extended to various applications in science and technology.

In the same time a significant progress is registered in the MC filter production – multi layer coating, or filters with a higher resistance.

B+W filters have become this way the first brand offering protection against water and impurities through MRC – multi layer coating, and also having an anti-reflection protection and a high resistance to scratching.

This is how a modern technology also brought maximum quality. In Bad Kreuznach, a modern technology used during when production process is creating filters of the highest optical precision in the world with a large variety of diameters.

The quality control is the key factor in the production process. Each filter is carefully controlled individually, so that when it comes to the market, a B+W filter would be able to respect the highest possible quality standards characteristic to the brand, especially created to contribute to the creation of quality photography.

The B+W filters are made of Schott glass, of the highest quality. With recognition at international level, the B+W filters are in a continuous process of optimization of the quality control and that starts with the main ingredient – the glass.

For the production of the highest quality B+W filters, it used Schott glass because only Schott represents the quality of the superior glass produced only in Germany.

In Bad-Kreuznach the machines completely controlled by computers are manufacturing and controlling the Schott glass transforming it from rough state to the most precise types of filters of different diameters.

At B+W the firm commitment to the clients is the maximum quality. The continuous development of the photo cameras allows the users to get beautiful photos but the usage of cheap filters produces a much lower quality and it can significantly reduce the image quality. This is why it is always best to take under consideration the quality of filters if you desire high quality photography.

Especially for the digital photography, the B+W filters are important to be used for image improvement. For example, a polarization filter of B+W offers more saturated colors and more contrast because the nuances like the grey–blue, typical for a sunny day, are filtered before they reaches the sensor.

If the ultraviolet rays cause fog or shadows the B+W filters for UV or IR attached to the objectives will ensure a larger brightness and clarity without any PhotoShop adjustment.

In other words the B+W filters fix the problems before they appear.


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