Everybody knows that digital cameras are amazing technological devices. They can do just about everything when it comes to photography. The problem is some people may not fully realize what they can achieve.


There are several instances when a digital camera might seem like an expensive paperweight. For instance, if you’re in alow-light situation and don’t have a tripod or the necessary accessories to take a good photo.

You can try changing the ISO to a higher number or letting in more light via the aperture or shutter speed setting, but the odds are the photos are going to be blurry if the shutter has to stay open for too long.

Some digital cameras come with an image stabilization feature that helps cut down on camera shake and this can help quite a bit.

But if you get stuck in a situation where you aren’t allowed to use a flash and you don’t have a tripod, such as in a church or museum, there is another answer. You can try using the camera’s burst-mode setting.

The burst mode will allow you to take several photos in a short time frame. Try and stay as still as possible and fire off as many shots as you can. You might have to take a couple of dozen, but you should end up with a few that are salvageable.


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