photography at homeThe lighting that you would use at home is different from the one that you would use when you are in the studio.

So take care to use the right lighting if you want the perfect result. [photography lighting Technique]

If photography is a hobby then you should be looking around for a few ideas to get the perfect and ideal lighting at home.

Get a strobe light, an umbrella for the main light, and a stand as part of your home studio equipment.

Use a large white board as a reflector for the fill. The reflector will help to bounce light into shadow areas if you want to reduce the shadow effect.

Make sure you use a board with a matte white surface to get the intended result. You can use a lens of about f 8-11 since the strobe gives white light. It’s easy to work with such a setting.

You can also set up your lighting on a small table or better yet the floor where you can take advantage of the free space. The use of reading halogen lights is advisable if you want to shoot jewellery and anything in that department.

For objects as big as a motor cycle, the use of a halogen work light that is about 400 watts will bring out the best results.

There are so many home studio kits that you can find online, companies with the right kind of equipment that will help you produce the best photos using the right lighting equipment.

The different home studio kits include the Karlu Photography, Bowens Studio lighting and so forth. There are a vast number of kits you just have to make sure you are paying for quality and for the best photo studios.

Take note when you choose your home studio kit, those soft boxes are better light spill controllers than umbrellas. What you choose will depend on how much money you are willing to spend and how large your studio is going to be.

In bigger rooms, the umbrellas will be better than the soft boxes. Soft boxes work best when the room is smaller.

The use of fluorescent lights is also another option but not very common. You can opt for this source of lighting if you are looking for a cheap setup.

However the use of fluorescent lights means you will be required to do a whole lot of adjusting. Avoid using tinted glass if you want the best results.


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