In case you are not a professional, but you enjoy taking photos, then surely the auto exposure is your best friend, when it comes to digital camera photos. The automatic shots are called the amateur shots, but they have their own bonuses.


In case you don’t know how to use the Auto Exposure, here is a short info about it. The Auto Exposure is controlling the amount of light that is needed to expose the image sensor of your camera.

The Auto Exposure adjusts the aperture and the shutter speed. In case you have a new modern camera, it surely has a built-in light meter, so your auto images will be of good quality.

The light meter averages the light and sets the right exposure. Many professionals use the auto exposure because it creates more natural images, especially when the subject is moving.

If you are creating a family picture, then simply set your camera to auto exposure. One of the latest options is to use auto-exposure bracketing, which allows the user to take 3 images at a time.

This is very useful option, especially if you are taking picture of fireworks, nature images and people portraits.


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