underwater photographyUnderwater photography is one of the most exhilarating and exciting forms of photography because there is nothing that comes close to scuba diving  in the ocean with schools of fish swimming past you, I can promise, you won’t forget that experience easily, and you won`t because you will have the pictures to remind you.

The only reason why underwater photography is not as popular as other forms of photography like wildlife photography is because it is one of the most difficult and most expensive forms of photography, this is because for underwater photography you need more than your simple digital camera.

You will need specialized cameras and diving equipment which can be very costly. However despite the setback of the costs, underwater photography is the best area of photography because it offers you the most rare, exciting and exotic pictures.

There is a wide variety of subjects that you can tackle in underwater photography for example shipwrecks, marine animals, photos of other divas underwater,  underwater cave systems and coral reefs which are always beaming with life.

Underwater photography secrets

The first thing that an underwater photographer has to have is skill because underwater photography is a combination of swimming and photography. The photographer has to be skilled at both swimming and photography.

Besides that the other reason why an underwater photographer has to be a good swimmer is because the conditions may not always be favorable for example the lighting conditions may be poor or heavy tidal flow and currents.

The secret to the best under water photographs is the equipment. The best equipment for underwater photography is a standard digital camera with single lens reflex camera, and full exposure controls, the camera will need to be housed in a waterproof container.

Another secret of underwater photography is how to combat the problem of poor lighting, which is a major problem underwater as it is very difficult for the sun`s rays to penetrate deep underwater.

This means that you will need a powerful light which will cost you even more, however you can avoid this expense and still get the best quality pictures by getting very close to the subject that you are photographing.

One major problem faced by underwater photographers is that of refraction which could distort your photos. The best way to avoid this is by using a macro lens which eliminates the problem of refraction completely.



  1. Nice information regarding underwater photography.I’m looking forward to some underwater photography.It would be interesting to know which cameras are used to take underwater pictures?

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