If you have time to observe nature you will see that it is amazing and breathtaking and there are a few people who are able to capture its beauty. In case you are interested, you should take a look at the top 10 best nature pictures. Among them you will find photos from all over the world.

Water Lilies by Frans Lanting


According to the photographer, while he was in Botswana his goal was to capture the essence of this region and he responded to its beauty.

Stone Canyon by Jack Dykinga


This photo was taken as part of a campaign. The photographer spent time in Paria Canyon on six separate occasions because he wasn’t satisfied with the reflections.

Split Rock and Cloud by Galen Rowell


When it comes to the top nature pictures, this is one to consider. The photographer was known for incorporating the qualities of natural light in his compositions.

Polar Dance by Tom Mangelsen


The photographer claims that polar bears are one of his favorite animals. He managed to capture them in a situation where they have almost human-like gestures.

Polar bear


This photo is one of the most interesting nature pictures, because the bear looks at his reflection while he is traveling below water, thus managing to surprise his prey.

Morning Mist by Peter Dombrovskis


The photo was taken with the purpose of showing rivers running free and it was published for the first time as part of an election campaign.

Australian Sea Lions by David Doubilet


This photo has to make it among the top 10 best nature pictures. According to the photographer sea lions are a very interesting species which nuzzle the lens.

Thresher Shark


When looking at the most interesting nature pictures, this might be one of the most dramatic of them: a shark caught up in the net of fishermen.

Tortoises at Dawn by Frans Lanting


If you are looking at this one of the top 10 best nature pictures you should know that the photographer considers the Galapagos Islands a window of time. He really likes the tortoises because although they are relatively young, they still look ancient.

African Elephants by Frans Lanting


This interesting picture was taken in Botswana at the Cobe National Park.

The truth is that there could be some other photos as well belonging to the top 10 best nature pictures especially because photography genius are looking for them every day.

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photo credit: (www.nydailynews.com)


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