lanscape photographyDigital cameras have become the new era in the photography world; they are mainly praised for their ability to auto focus, their mega pixels, clarity and massive storage.

Experts say that digital cameras have improved their photography output but it’s all about control at the end of the day.

  1. Switch off the camera flash so as to take the photograph using the natural light, because some times flash distorts the natural view of the natural light.
  2. Shooting pictures using manual mode may also improve the clarity of the picture, because when shooting using auto-focus it may lead to the camera having to focus on the wrong thing, and spoiling the whole picture.
  3. Make use of a tripod stand to avoid the blur and shakes in your photos. It’s worth purchasing if you want your photos to spell out quality and perfection. You may find it as a burden to carry around but the trouble is worth it.
  4. Watch the time that you shoot your photos. Taking landscape photographs during dusk and dawn are usually the best times. It’s during these times that the sun produces a bright golden color. During these times the horizon comes into a new unseen shape which is believed to be the most beautiful scenery, where a lot of professional photographers travel long distances just to take such images. The focal length is one of the things that need to be taken into consideration, because if you zoom in too much into the image it may have little visible boxes which will make the photo very unattractive.
  5. Shooting multiple pictures is a very important aspect of photography that way you will be able to pick the right picture from a wide range of other pictures. Also scouting around the area from where you are shooting is advisable as you may find some interesting scenery for your camera.
  6. The other thing that may need to be taken into consideration would be keeping a photo diary with details such as the location, weather and the direction faced when taking the photo. This is good for future references.
  7. It’s also very important to use bracketing. This gives improved latitude in the picture. Some photographers may find that using this helps in improving the focus of the picture and it also helps in exposing the picture in quality and focus.

A combination of these ideas will improve the overall output on your landscape pictures.



  1. Landscape photography is probably my favorite type of photography. Really some best, well written, landscape tips.I’ll try to implement them.

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