flower pictureFlowers are one some of the simplest subjects to photograph.

They are naturally beautiful so it must not be too hard for you to produce beautiful photos.

However it can be tricky when you want your pictures to be unique and special. It just needs you to concentrate on what you are doing and exploring different ideas to taking the flowers.

The first thing is you need to study and know your camera. Play around with the different settings. Know the outcome of each different setting.

Be curious about your camera just like children are when they have a new gadget or something they have never seen before.

Ask yourself, ‘what happens if I press this button?’ Don’t be afraid to damage it, use your manual for reference. Once you are now familiar to your camera then you can move on to the next step.

If you have done a thorough study of your camera then you must be familiar with the macro function. Use this when you want to take in the full details and features of flowers. Because they are often very small, so use focusing photographic lenses.

Know what part of the flower that you will need to magnify so you can focus on that. When taking pictures of flowers you might experience disturbances from wind movement. Pictures will often come out blurred and they will not be clear.

Try getting a stick that will help the flower stand still during that moment. But you should make sure, that your stick will not obstruct your subject.

If you are patient and you want the best results you should just wait for the wind to stop. It’s rare for light wind to be persistent.

Flowers come out better in pictures when there is not much light. Their bright colors are not compatible with a lot of light in photo taking. An overcast day will be the perfect day to capture the beauty of these flowers. Notice how each shade and streak of the flowers are highlighted.

When you want to focus on a particular flower but there is so much more in the background, for example, contrasting color and so forth, you can blur the background so your flower is the only thing clearly visible in the picture.

Reflections that appear in photos spoil the quality of your flower photographs. However it’s possible to get rid of the problem once and for all. Purchase a polarization filter; it will give you a better quality picture by removing the reflections.



  1. Photographing flowers is something i really struggle with,these tips were especially timely for me.
    I’m going to try your tips.Thanks & well done.

  2. I just stumbled upon your site through Google. I just love the design and your content are very well thought out. Keep up the great work.

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