Shooting images in direct sunlight! Yes you can click great pictures in direct sunlight too with certain changes in the camera and its settings. As an apprentice photographer, if you want to experiment different dimensions in photography, then you can try the direct sunlight photography.

Direct Sunlight Images

Many fear clicking images in direct sunlight as this brings out dark shades and blown out images. The lens flare and colors look over saturated in direct sunlight pictures. If you are clicking portrait photos, you can even experience ‘squint factor’ in your pictures.

Tips to overcome the problem of direct sun light:

Search for a shade: If you stand in high lighting and click images which are in low lighting, your pictures will have dark shades. So, always search for a shade to overcome this problem.

By moving into a shade and clicking images in sunlight, you can cut down the dark shades and blow out images. If your subject is movable, move your subject to avoid sun highlighting.

Make your own shade: If you cannot find shade in the place you are shooting, make your own shade. If your subject is not movable, then you need to make an artificial shade in the pictures. If the object is small, then use your own shadow to cover the sun.

But make sure the shadow is not seen in the picture. If the object is big enough and your shadow cannot cover the object then use other objects such as umbrellas to provide shade.

Fill in flash: Most of them when clicking the photographs leave the sun behind them and make the subject stand in front of the sun lighting. We fear that by clicking photographs facing the sun we may develop dark shades and bow outs in the images. So, by the use of flash you can fill the shadows in the frames and yield photos without shadows.

Filters: Always carry filters when shooting pictures in direct sunlight. Neutral Density (ND) filters and Polarizing filters are preferred for shooting images in sunlight. The polarizing filter cuts down the reflections in the images and stops the unnecessary light from getting into the camera lens. Polarizing filters are an added bonus for photographers in clicking direct sunlight images. [Different photographic filters]

Silhouettes: These are very interesting photographs in direct sunlight. If the bright sunlight is a backlog and you are not able to control the bright sun effect, turn into shooting silhouettes images for a different subject in direct sunlight.

Dawn and dusk: These times are superlative times for shooting direct sun. At this time, you can aim your camera directly on to the sun for clicking great images. The sky color at this time is dull and the sun is also in light color. Shooting at this time can dramatically impact your direct sunlight shots.

Lens hood: Even after many adjustments you can experience lens flare in your photos. The best method to control lens flare is to use a lens hood. If you do not have a lens hood, at least use your hand as lens hood. Place your hand on the camera lens to control the lens flare.

By following these simple tips, you can click images in direct sunlight.


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