When a wide range of pictures is captured outdoors that include animals, landscapes, wildlife, seasonal pictures it is known as nature photography that includes both gigantic and small elements as subjects. This kind of photography shines like a star when a close-up snap is captured. In a close-up picture every intricate detail such as a water drop slipping off of a petal is so aesthetically captured in the reel of the camera that it is unexplainable.

There are different types of nature photography like landscape, wildlife, aerial, and macro. For each of these you need to know and explore a wide array of facts to get the best photo production. However, here is a list of tips to capture nature photography in close ups –

tips to capture nature photography close-ups

7 Amazing Tips for Capturing Amazing Close-Up of Mother Nature:

1. Bounce the Flashlight

Sometimes the flashlight you are using might be too harsh, even when diffused and can produce unwanted shadows.  You can try to balance the flash with the natural light available for filling the shadows.

2. Make it Colourful

In a picture the bold colours always look vibrant and prominent and light or muted colours always look a bit toned down. Thus try to enhance the bold colours in post processing as the bold colours always end up attracting the eyes of the spectators.

3. Extension Tubes are Very Handy

These are hollow conduits without the optics that can be placed in between the body of the camera and the lens. This permits you to be closer to the subject.

4. Time to Tone Down the Inbuilt Flash Light

The inbuilt flashlight should be toned down by covering the flash light with a clean piece of white cloth for capturing better quality of close-up pictures.

5. Time is of the Essence

The best is if you can spend some time looking around and trying to notice the opportunity that might be magical for capturing close-ups.

6. Use Continuous Mode

The Continuous Modehelps to capture uninterrupted snaps of the subject and can be used to capture picture perfect close-up.

7. Use the Natural Lights

Macro pictures become glamorous when shot under the influence of the natural light provided by Mother Nature. 

Holding back the nature’s wonders in a camera is not a very easy task and with its wilful movement you might not always be successful to get a perfect close up shot – they might get shaken up or jazzy. These tips would surely help you to conquer the art of close up photography amidst nature.

Photo Credit By: hqwallbase.com

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