Photography in autumn is fun loving task for many photographers. The climate in the autumn is not too cold or not too warm. The atmosphere in autumn is wonderful and nature shows off different colors and textures. The leaves will be changing their colors and photography in this season is very interesting.

autumn photography

The autumn photography gives the photographer a wide range of subjects in clicking autumn pictures. The subjects can vary from falling leaves, leaves changing colors and the beautiful and calm sky without bright shining sun. There are some steps to follow in making autumn photography project a success and to yield great pictures of the autumn colors.

The essential steps in clicking autumn images:

Polarized filters: Always use polarized filters to control the saturation of colors in the picture frame. The use of the filters in the frame will yield lovely blue skies by decreasing the haze. The arrangement of the filters minimizes the haze effect in the pictures [Different photographic filters].

Best hours for clicking images: There is no particular lapse of time for shooting images in autumn. The climate in the autumn is preferable for shooting images at any time, but shooting images in the superlative time can yield better photos.

The 10 minutes time before sunset and after sunrise is considered as the best time for shooting images. The day ends and rises with a golden yellow color in autumn. Shooting in this time will brighten up your photos and make the pictures better.

Overcast days: When the climate is cloudy, many photographers pack-up their bags and the idea of clicking images in this climate. But the overcast climate in autumn also capitulate great photos. As the sun is soft and dull on an overcast day, the pictures will be very rich in colors.

Contrast: If you want your picture frame to have balanced colors, you need to plan the contrasts properly. The framing of colors is very much important and combining different colors with proper contrast is also important, for e.g., leaves which have changed their colors into golden color need a background of blue sky to eliminate the abruption [Tips to enhance the contrast].

White balance settings: The colors in the autumn is of high frequencies, which activate the modes in the camera to give warm colors in the frame. Set the white balance to form a cloudy setting in the camera.

Avoid sun to control glares: While shooting in the autumn, you may not find the sun to be very hot, but you can see that the sun is very warm and adds glares in the photos when clicked in the sun. So, avoid the sun in the pictures and always take images while facing backwards to the sun. This gives lighting to your pictures and avoids dark shades and shadows in the pictures.

Experiment with different settings: Try different camera settings in shooting the pictures. Never set the camera setting in automatic mode and click the images. Change and try different settings in the camera like shutter speed, white balance, focal length etc. Try different options and angles in clicking the autumn images.


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