Photographing flowers have become something completely obsolete because the flower image needs to stand out for the viewer and it is better to use all kinds of different light effects so it will come out as a masterpiece.

The secret of successful macro photography is a perfect light and the perfect field depth. The light that can offer many satisfactions is the opposite light; regardless that is natural or artificial.

Sometimes this light can be partially compensated with the light directed from a mirror. An oval mirror of 10×10 cm or a reflective surface like a blank white paper or something related to the visual interest center of the image will fit the purpose.

You have to consider how exquisite the ribs of a flower petal will look in the light if both internal and external surfaces are visible. From the composition point of view it’s good that the light will not be flattened on the image but it will be connected on several light planes.

The common causes of photography mishaps are caused by lack of attention to details.

The insufficient triggering speed can ruin a photograph. This problem is fixable with the usage of a 1/30 speed if you are holding the camera. For the objects in movement the speed should be lower and not more than 1/250.

Keep in mind that holding the camera improperly can damage the photo so it is better to hold the camera with one hand and with the other hold the objective.

The hand holding the objective must be under it and the objective should rest in your palm. Adjusting the focus distance or the diaphragm should be done with one or two fingers without moving the hand under the objective. The trigger button should be pushed slowly and continuously.

The incorrect distance settings can easily be fixed by carefully watching the distance in the objective and using the helping prism from the center of objective or the different automatic features of the camera. For the people wearing glasses there are special corrective lenses that can be attached to the camera if the camera allows it.

If the objective gets dirty it can for sure ruin the shot. An objective with stains of grease or particles of dust will not capture properly the image.

That is why it is better when trying to catch sensible details like the lady bug opening wings on a daisy. It is recommendable to clean the objective with a special paper or fabric.

It is good to know that a transparent UV filter will fix the problem for good.


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