photographing snowNature is the most inspiring tool for a photographer.

The motivation to take wonderful photos actually comes from looking at beautiful sceneries of weather like rainbow, thunderstorm, rain, etc.

Even though it makes you feel great to take wonderful photos of weather, you should essentially know a few techniques to take marvelous photos of weather.

Photographing thunderstorms

When you want to take photos of thunderstorms and dark clouds surrounding it, use low f-stop feature and slow shutter speed. Using slow shutter speed could help you to avoid too much darkness in the photographs.

Photographing snow

Tree branches that are covered in snow and large snowflakes are quintessential for weather photography subjects. When you want to photograph such objects from your car, you can always use fast shutter speed without flashes.

Fast shutter speed without using flash can help you to take effective photographs of snow.

Photographing hail

You can find hail in early summer months at mid latitudes and along with mountain ranges. You can use the same photography techniques of snow to capture photos of hail as well.

Photographing rainbow

For taking amazing photos of rainbow you will need enough darkness to create contrasts as well as right amount of light would be very helpful. You can use panoramic cameras for excellent rainbow photographs.


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