Waterfalls are most favorite subjects for most of the nature photographers.

Actually, good waterfalls are captivating and attractive for everyone with a camera.

If you want to capture beautiful waterfalls in your camera, here are few successful ways.

Right weather conditions are crucial

Most of the amazing waterfalls are found in rain forest or in heavily wooded places.

This implies that the lighting requirements for rain forest photography apply for waterfall photography as well. Almost in all times, overcast weathers are right conditions for taking pictures of waterfall.

Carry your tripod and try different shutter speeds

You might have surely aware of the effect that is created with moving water photography at low shutter speeds. So, you can apply the same technique here also. However, not only slow shutter speed, you can try different shutter speeds to capture wonderful waterfalls in your camera.

Use wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lens can help you in many ways in nature photography including photographing waterfalls. It mainly offers strong field depth and also helps you to improve sharpness in your photographs.

Compose flow of water

Whenever you are taking pictures of moving water scenes like water falls, you can use the shapes and lines in the picture to get best out of it. In composing pictures of waterfalls, use the direction of waterfalls to get quality pictures.



  1. Fantastic tips.I’m going to Hawaii next month. I’ll try to capture some waterfalls.Thanks so much for these great waterfall photography tips.

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