Landscapes are beautiful, but they don’t always transfer well to photos. What you see spread out in front of you may look a little disappointing on camera. You can sometimes spice them up a little bit by selecting some alternative compositions and perspectives.


Most people lift their cameras to their faces and shoot away. However, if you get down to a lower level you might be able to make the landscape more interesting and it can make your image stand out because you’ll be getting a different view of the scene.

You might also want to tilt the camera forward as this will allow you to take a shot of the location that’s sitting immediately in front of you. It will also keep the remaining landscape in the image, but more in the background.

If you’re in a forest or tall grass or flowers you may want to get right down to grass level and actually take your photo through it. This will make it appear that you’re right in the middle of the landscape.

It’s a good idea to look for some contrast. If you can include some strong elements of shadow and light for instance, it can create a very stunning effect.

If there’s an object that will allow you to frame the image naturally, go for it. Taking a photo of the landscape through an archway, open door, or glassless window can make the image a lot more dramatic.


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