fall colorsFall is great time for natural color; the blousy brightness of summer flowers is replaced by a serenity that sees blooms taking a back seat.

It is a wonderful thing to walk through bronzed trees glistening with red and yellow leaves.

If you take the time to stop and study them they will take your breathe away. One thing is for sure you will be glad you have your camera to hand. [Autumn photography]

A digital camera means that you can easily take a series of shots and create very interesting images.

Close up individual leaves can be fantastic; a pile of leaves in Fall is like no other time of year. Often the late sun will make them shine so brightly they seem like gold or gemstones.

A long distant view of Autumnal tones will allow you to display the range of colors all blending together, almost as if someone had designed them especially. Trees are handsome even in the winter months, but it is in Fall that they seem to come alive.

If you have the time, you will be able to capture leaves as they fall gracefully to the ground. If you are not quite happy with your photograph, there will be many more falling around you.

Experiment with the season, try to encapsulate the essence of fall, look out for berries and as you look closely into the trees you will come across birds foraging. Whilst foliage is where most of the color comes from, you may find flowers handing on before winter draws near.


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