Changes in weather can provide lot of opportunity for photographers to take great pictures.

However, just focusing on your camera at bad or severe weather conditions doesn’t guarantee better pictures.

There are few photography techniques that can help you to take good pictures of extreme weather conditions.

  • Severe or bad weather more often offers dull or dim light, which makes your camera to struggle for light. So, the best way to avoid exposure problems is to use fast lens.
  • When photographing lightning, the best pictures can be captured from long distance. This will help the image not covered by rain. Remember that you have to use similar camera settings used for fireworks photography while taking pictures of lightning.
  • Powerful cloud formations in the sky and many other striking scenes after storm can be captured using still photography techniques.
  • Taking pictures in fog can be tricky because the moisture reflects more light than actually present. Longer telephoto lenses will help you to take good pictures of fog and mist. They will help you to magnify the effects of mist and fog.
  • Other than using slow shutter and opening up the lens, usually, rain doesn’t create any exposure problems. Protecting your camera is one more important aspect in taking photographs on rainy days.

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