Rain photography comes under nature photography. As a photographer, you must be ready to shoot in all seasons.You must make your photo album complete with all the seasons.The sunny day, the snow and the rain should not stop your eagerness to click photos.

rain photography

It’s easy to say, but hard to follow. One cannot shoot photographs in rain, even a professional photographer runs for a shelter when it’s raining. Noting can be so miserable than shooting in a rain. With some care, you can make your rain photo shoot memorable and interesting.

What to shoot on a Rainy day?

Creativity has no bounds and you can shoot anything which is beautiful and interesting from the lens view.

Before rain: You can shoot the sky which is fully covered with dark clouds. Stormy clouds often create impressive back grounds for exciting images. You can shoot a long road which seems like meeting the sky at a distance place. For this photo, the cloudy sky is a great background.

How can you forget the lighting in the sky. During the storm, the sky shows off different colors in the light form, so plan before to shoot great shots of lighting. You can shoot the wonderful light spread in the sky during storms.

Shoot in the rain: When it’s raining, it seems like the sky and earth are joined with rain. This is a great shot if you have proper rain equipments. You can shoot the birds and animals which are searching for shelters and which have found shelter from the rain. You can even shoot the humans running for shelter. All these make great shots.

After rain: You have the wet world to shoot. You have different textures, reflections, patterns, and designs formed by the rain. Patterns can vary from droplets of water on rose petals to edifice. The leaves of the trees which are washed by rain form different textures to the back ground photo.

Reflections will be a fun subject to shoot and still water accumulated on the ground after rain often give reflections of the sky forming different perspectives. The reflections become the mirrors of your subject and add different blur to the photos.

Another interesting photograph which you can take after rain is droplets of water hanging from leaves, flowers etc. The droplet of water hanging from leaves work as an up-side down magnifying glass. Click these droplets in close-up shots.

Care to take while shooting on a rainy day:

Water can be in any of its form: snow, hail and rain. Taking photographs in all these forms need some safety measures and precautions.

Things to carry for shooting in rain are waterproof gloves, jackets and pants. Care should be taken for your camera in a rainy shoot as rain drops can drip into your camera and spoil it. So, you should always be sure that the accessories you carry for your photo shoot are water proof.

If your camera is not water proof, then you need some other water proof accessories to take care of your camera [Essential digital camera accessories].

  • Rain hoods (cover camera in rain)
  • Towel (soaks the water on the camera)
  • Shower caps(this protects the camera in rain and the elastic holds camera without dripping)
  • Protective filters ( this minimizes the moisture on the lens and avoids wiping)
  • Lens shades [Different photographic lenses]( this helps to keep the front glass dry and free of water)

Fungus forms on the equipment if proper care is not taken in rain photography.



  1. For me,it’s always a great pleasure taking photos in the rain.Fantastic article! I followed most of your advises and managed to get some good pictures. Thanks to your post!

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