photographing flowersTaking photographs of flowers takes a lot of patience, getting to know your subject very well, rejecting anything that is not perfect.

There are no redeeming features of a wilted flower or a decaying leaf, every part of the plant must be in peak condition.

There are different ways to shoot flowers and plants; firstly there is the capturing of the whole thing, from the stem to the tips of every petal. It could be a large arrangement or a single stem. Then there is the extreme close up which highlights veining and stamens and would require a very good quality camera.

Somewhere in the middle is the emphasis on the flower’s overall shape, be it blouse and colorful or slender and detailed. Lighting will play a big part and can be used to create some very interesting results.

Spend time looking at the subject closely, realizing its strong points and determining where to focus the camera lens. Try the less obvious, for example from above or below, different angles and distances away.

Color or black and white, often an easily identified flower variety will look stunning in monochrome. Sometimes however the true color like a blue Gentian is what makes the observer know about its true beauty.

Experiment, often a visit to a garden with many different plant types can be invaluable and allow you to become away of the different species. Flower shops too can provide inspiration. If you know someone with an interesting garden be sure to invite yourself for tea.



  1. I agree.I love flowers and photographing them as well.Great article, I found it very helpful. Thanks!!!!i appreciate your information.

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