outdoor photographyMore often than not we do take photos outdoors more than indoors after all most of those interesting stunts that you would love to capture are done outside.

Knowing how to make the best out of these photos would be the first step to bring out the best outdoor photos that you can ever take.

Am giving you the chance to be proud of your photography techniques with outdoor photos! So get your learning gear on, we don’t want you missing out on anything!

After all knowledge is the basic of learning or achieving anything, photography included. Don’t worry it is simple and in the long run fun and satisfying!


The amount of light that is exhibited outdoors plays a big part in photo taking. Too much light may result in overexposed photos or blurred photos. Never take photos of your subject with the light behind them.

The result is a photo that is basically dominated by light and you can barely see the intended subject.

Try your best to take photos with the light behind you as the photographer so you can avoid its not so favorable contribution to your photo.

Your camera often allows you to improve the lighting features that your camera has so as to bring out excellent photos despite the amount of light that is threatening your photo at that moment.

Taking a person or group of people is different from taking an object or a scene such as a sunset. On your camera are options that enable you to take different subjects and objects and still bring out the best out of them.

All you have to do is shift to outdoor scenario photo taking and you will get options ranging from landscape to mere object picture taking. You can take the object even if it is in motion; you might find the best photos taken those of objects in motion.

You can change the aperture and shutter speed settings so as to suit the weather from the sunny to the overcast weathers. You can do this with almost any camera. The aperture is an opening that you adjust to limit the light that passes through the lens.

Knowing how to manage it makes taking outdoor photos even simpler. In this case you can apply the sunny 16 rule which emphasizes on a shutter speed of 1/1200 on a sunny day.

Make the best of your outdoor photos and be the expert.



  1. This is just Awesome.I’ve been looking for a good resource to learn about different outdoor photography techniques. I’m new to outdoor photography…I just came across this site and enjoyed reading it!Thanks!

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