Wildlife and nature photography can be very rewarding but also very frustrating at the same time. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a new-bee, there are chances that you will get something or the other wrong while you shoot outdoors in the nature. There are so many things to keep in mind that mistakes are common.

To avoid making these mistakes, you must first know what the common ones are. The following are the most common mistakespeople make during nature photography.

common mistakes people make during nature photography

Distracting Depth of Field

One of the most common mistakes in nature photography that people make is that they opt for a distracting depth of field. This happens when you put your camera on auto mode and let it take the decisions for you. By doing so, the background tends to become a distraction. Infact, even when you choose a small aperture setting, you increase the depth of field around the subject which again makes the background a distraction. Thus the solution here is to choose the widest aperture setting possible.

Bad Timing

A nature photographer must capture the frame in just the right moment. Whether your frame has animals or not, it is important to click just when the light and the moment is right. If you are into wildlife photography, then there are thousand opportunities to take a bad photo and only few to take the right ones. Not knowing the difference can be a costly mistake which must be avoided.

Poor Lighting

Just because you are shooting outdoors doesn’t mean that the lighting will always be right. Also, sunny days are not necessarily the best conditions from the lighting point of view either. Bright sunshine tends to produce a shadow where you don’t want it to and poor lighting is yet another common nature photography mistake. The solution here is to take the photos very early in the morning or during late afternoon when the sun is at a slightly lower angle.

Not Using Camera Stand

If you are interested in wildlife photography, clicking animals or plants, then in either case, you will need to carry a sturdy camera stand. A camera stand avoids the camera shake and helps to click blur-free pictures. Also, it allows you to click during the late afternoons better when the light is getting dimmer. Not carrying a camera stand is also a common nature photography mistake which people make.

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