wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is an exciting glimpse of photography which helps us to see the fantastic world of wild life in their natural habitat.

It is also a frustrating subject and you need lot of patience to get success in wildlife photography.You cannot click great pictures of wildlife on your first attempt; you need lot of patience and practice to click a better picture.

Never give up the passion of wildlife photography with these limitations, as every photography has its own pros and cons and wildlife photography has its own.

Basics rules to follow in wildlife photography:

Choose your object: Start clicking with one specific species of wildlife. If you select certain species of animal you want to shoot, you can have a small brush up on the animal and find the place where you can usually find the animal and what time is best to capture the animal in your camera.

Brush up classes on the species: On your first shoot of wildlife photographs, you cannot blindly go into the forest and start shooting. The important thing you need to do is know about the animal. Find different sources such as internet and library to know about the animal. Every animal has its own routine.

Find the most common locations in the forest where you can find the animal and at what time the animal can found. For e.g., if you are shooting a bird, you need to look them on trees, as you cannot find them on the ground. You can see the birds in early morning while they are in search of food. Therefore, if you know about the animal species routine better, you can have better shots without wasting your day.

Know about your camera: Possessing the best camera is not enough; you must know about your camera completely; the operations, attachments, features, shutter speed etc, how your camera acts in different lighting conditions, and what are the different shooting modes? If your camera has automatic adjustments, you need not bother too much.

If you do not have such adjustments, you need to know about camera completely. 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is often preferred as the finest camera for wildlife photography.

Lens for wildlife photography: Teleconverter lens are supreme lens to click wildlife. 1.4x teleconverter to a 100-300/5.6 zoom camera yields the supreme photographs of wildlife. A tripod is also an additional accessory to get anti-shake photographs. If your camera possess anti-shake, you do not need a tripod.

Have patience: Remember Rome was not build in a day. Wildlife photography is a challenging hobby for many photographers. To grab success in wildlife photography, you need to have lot of patience. You should not be discouraged, as there are times when you cannot even shoot a good picture; have patience and wait for the correct time to come.

Always be prepared: When shooting wildlife photography, you should be always alert. There are no retakes and reposes in the wildlife photography. The best shot is always one and you cannot get the shot again.

Choose the correct location: Wildlife photography is taken at the place where there is water, not where humans roam. Animals tend to go to the place where there is less noise and have some water to drink that means the best place to click photographs is near a lake or river, which is far away from human habitat.

Do not disturb the wildlife habitat. Always be calm and cool, you should not disturb the private space of the animals. If you disturb the space, the animals can attack you for their own safety.


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