There is just something special about photography when you have a blanket of cloud covering the sun. It is the perfect type of natural light that flatters and complements the nature photography i.e. landscapes and wildlife.

All the hotspots and subtlety you lose in the shadows when you take shots on a sunny day are the negative elements you surely won’t miss on a cloudy day.

I am sure that all the nature and wildlife photographers or anyone with similar interests would agree about the huge possibility of getting these amazing shots under the clouds. Here are a few reasons that make cloudy day a good day for photography.

nature photography on a cloudy dayNo Heavy Shadows

Lack of heavy sunlight or too much brightness is the positive that ensures that there are no dark and heavy shadows in the photographs you take. After all how many times have you lost a good shot just because the hotspots got lost in the shadows?
Adequate essential colour: Want to click colourful subjects like flowers or birds or insects etc.? Well know that clouds can actually help you sustain all the essential colour by minimizing disruption and making the colours stand out in their surroundings.

Capture the Details Easily

The overcast makes the whole environment subtle, which is a huge plus for helping you capture all the little and minute details. Think of all the details that were lost in the harsh daylight, well that is a problem solved on such days. So think again about picking up you cameras and heading out for nature photography on cloudy days.

Amazing Sunset Photography

Another reason why nature photography on a cloudy day is an idea worth a million bucks. Cloudy days make for more intense and much deeper sunsets than the sunset pictures clicked in clearer parts of the weather. The little hint of sun that breaks through the clouds will give you multiple amazing click options.

Up and Close by the Portrait

Give it a try. Really getting those close ups of the wildlife or the landscape you always wanted to get is much more easily achievable on overcast days. Your wildlife subjects wont squint and the landscape won’t shots won’t give you half the disturbances you experience on other days.

Well what are you guys waiting for? Don’t just keeping reading for major part of the fun lies in actually taking the camera, the equipment and jumping on it.


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