The world is a wonderful place and nothing beats taking landscape shots to show off the beauty of the planet. You can get some wonderful landscape photos by trying a few ideas.

1. Good point of interest

Pick something interesting in the landscape such as a group of colourful flowers, a fluffy white cloud, a mountain, lake, tree or boat etc.

An object that’s in the foreground will also add some depth to the image.

2. Place the point off-center

Most photos are more interesting when the horizon or point of interest isn’t centered in the photo. It’s a good idea to place the horizon in the top or bottom third of the photo or a third to the left or right.

3. Use people

It’s a good idea to have people in the photo if you want to show the scale of the scene. Using a person can show how large or small the subject really is.

4. Utilize natural lines

You may also be able to include natural lines such as rivers and fences in the photo to draw attention to it. The lines can often lead the eye to the main topic of interest.

5. Lighting conditions

Early morning light just after sunrise is great, so is late afternoon in the low sun. Photos often look better with the light early and late in the day.

6. Weather conditions

Landscape photos can be effective in any type of weather. It’s a good idea if you can add a colourful image on a cloudy day.

7. Panoramic shots

Use the panoramic mode in the camera if you have one as it will create a superb wide-eyed view of the landscape.


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