With the autumn weather arriving in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many photographers will be outside trying to capture the magnificent colors of the fall foliage.

The leaves on the trees turn some wonderful shades of yellow, red, and orange during this time of the year and can make for some excellent images.

There are several ways you can capture these amazing colors as there are so many options.

You can show a whole collage of leaves by shooting wide-angle shots of several trees or a forest. You can also narrow things down a little by focusing on just one tree or even a single leaf.

Each leaf is sort of like a fingerprint, meaning it’s quite unique and has its own characteristics, shape, and colors. Just a single leaf can represent the beauty of the fall season. All you really need to do is grab your camera equipment and head into a forest to find thousands of colorful choices in front of you. A contrasting blue sky can also add some drama to the shots.

Enjoy Capturing Colorful Fall Foliage Shots

There are many locations across North America that are famous for fall colors, such as New England. Thousands of people visit these areas each year just to take photos of the breathtaking scenery that can be found in some areas. When you’re taking shots of Mother Nature, don’t forget that you may want to include people in some of them as well.

Human interaction with the scenery can also tell a story. Photos of children playing in leaf piles are quite common for example. In fact, if you lead children to a large pile of leaves you won’t even have to say anything to them as they’ll do what just comes naturally, which will be to play in the pile and throw the leaves about.

These piles of leaves can create interesting photos and if you can catch the leaves actually falling from the tree branches it will appear to be a rain shower or snowstorm of leaves. You can always help create some leaf falling by gently nudging a tree or branch. Too make the shots more creative it’s a good idea to use the sun as backlighting as it can really bring out the colors.

Another idea for making the leaves or just a single leaf look more unique is to head out early on a frosty morning. You’ll find that the frost can leave some very interesting patterns on a leaf. Many leafs look like a road map or the palm of a hand due to the lines that can be formed in them. And speaking of maps, it’s always a good idea to show a series of trees as they follow a trail or winding road. The countryside is ideal for this. As well as the leaves that are still in the trees, the leaves that have fallen onto trails can also tell a story.

Just because the countryside will usually offer the most options, don’t forget that the leaves also change color on city trees. You can often come up with some great shots of colorful trees standing in the middle of a modern city scene. Just take your camera with you and enjoy yourself. Taking fall foliage shots can be a lot of fun and you don’t need any special camera equipment to enjoy it.


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