Nature photography is a pretty tricky job, especially when you consider all the technicalities that you have got to remember. Things like, having a certain kind of color cast, composing the right frame, keeping your image free from noise are a reason why many amateur photographers make mistakes.

Common Mistakes While Taking Nature Photographs

However, these can be clearly rectified by a lot of practice and self experimentation. After a series of practices, you will realize you don’t need to keep in mind the technicalities while you shoot. You would only feel your image. The common mistakes that people usually make when they capture a natural photograph are as follows and they can be rightly rectified by the tips that we are offering you here as well –

1. Keep Your Horizon Lines Straight

While most DSLR cameras now-a-days come with grid lines in the viewfinder, many digital cameras don’t have this advantage. Even some DSLRs need to be manually altered to bring the grid lines. It is absolutely necessary to turn your grid system on if your camera has one.

Keeping the horizon straight is the most important thing of framing a picture. If the picture even has a slight tilt to it (other than the times when you actually plan to click a canted frame image), the idea of a tilted horizon makes the objects placed on it seem to fall over to one side.

It creates a surreal image of imbalance. The only other option people have is fix and crop the image post capture. However on doing so, you actually distort and eliminate important parts of your composition.

2. Get your Depth of Field Correct

Many people do it as experimental photograph especially for close up shots. They select an object like a flower or a ladybird and shoot it in such a way that only the object is in focus and the rest of the background is defocused. Sometimes it creates an intriguing imagery of depth of field. But make sure to shoot it in manual mode.

Though it is an interesting piece of art, clicking this image is quite tricky and if you don’t get the focus right on the object, the only thing that would happen is the whole picture would look completely out of focus. This is especially difficult to shoot when you click it in automatic mode, because then the camera itself decides the place it is going to focus. Sometimes it doesn’t even allow you to focus on the foreground.

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