There’s no doubt that landscape photography is among the most popular in the world. One of the greatest places to get fantastic shots is along coastlines as they offer such a variety of wonderful images that combine the sky, water, and rocks and cliffs, etc.

When scouting the coast for some shots you should look for reflections from the water as reflections can greatly enhance an image, especially at sunrise and sunset, as the sun can create some fantastic colors as it reflects off the water.

Coastlines Offer Excellent Scenery for Photography

Looking for the simple things can also result in some excellent photos. These could be footprints in the sand, sea shells on the beach, patterns in the sand dunes, and interesting rock formations, etc. Many people like to take shots that consist of half land/sea and half sky. You can also look for interesting foreground items for these photos to lead the viewers’ eyes to the image.

You can also take the shots from different heights to show a variety of perspectives. Remember, if you want both the background and foreground to remain in focus you should set the aperture smaller.

Slowing the shutter speed down can also add atmosphere and interest as this will blur anything in the frame that’s moving. This is ideal for waves, mist, and fog. To do this you should use a tripod to keep the digital camera as still as possible.


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