sunset photographySunrise and sunsets offer amazing opportunity to take wonderful pictures of nature.

Although there are a few worries about focuses, washing out and blurring, you could take exceptionally good photos if you chose the right camera for sunrise and sunset photography.


As a minimum amount of light will only be accessible during sunrise or sunset, purchase a camera that offers low f-stop feature for capturing pictures. You should at least use a camera with ISO or ASA control features.

This is due to the reason that if your camera doesn’t possess the low f-stop function, you could adjust the f-stop or aperture with ISO or ASA control features.

However, there are a few cameras that can automatically adjust its aperture and shutter speed electronically. If possible you could purchase such type of cameras for snapping wonderful photo pieces of nature.


Flash is actually unnecessary for taking sunrise or sunset photographs. If you want to purchase a camera exclusively for sunrise and sunset subject, you can give less preference to the flash. Otherwise you could turnoff the flash before you begin taking photos.

Shutter speed

Go for a camera that features automatic shutter speed adjustments or you prefer the one with low shutter speed, somewhere bewteen1/90th or 1/60th second. Usually, 1/125th will be absolutely fine to capture bright pictures of sunrise or sunset.

Remember to use a tripod because there is a very high chance for blurring effect when you are using low shutter speeds.

One more important thing to consider is when you are using film camera for photography, use film with high ISO or ASA rating which can improve clarity and effect of sunrise and sunset pictures.



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