Practical Guide to Take Beautiful Pictures of Nature and Animals

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Some people say that in order to really see the world that surrounds us we should see it through a lens. If you would like to take beautiful pictures of nature and animals, there are some tips and guidelines that you can use.


Species snob

It is believed that it is better to take a special photo of a common subject than to have a mediocre photo of a special subject. There is no nature scene or animal that is too common for you to take a photo of it. In fact the subject doesn’t really matter as long as you can make it interesting.

Blend in

In case of the special pictures of nature and animals, it is better to capture the subject from eye level. This way if you are working with animal, it will be more at ease and the background will be out of focus a bit so that the animal in question will be in the center of attention.

Confiding subjects

In order to make beautiful pictures of nature and animals you should start with species that tolerate and that are used to humans. You should start at parks, gardens, reservoirs or local ponds. The animals and birds living there accept the presence of humans more easily.

Lighting and underwater shots

When you would like to take pictures of nature and animals that are especially underwater it is important to remember that light acts differently under water. It absorbs a great part of the color spectrum and so it is possible for the picture that you get to be too blue. One way to compensate this is to use strobes.


In order to have beautiful pictures of nature and animals you should allow yourself to interpret the world around you. It is important for the photographer to enjoy what he or she is doing and you should always select places to shoot in according to your personal preferences.

Low light

If you would like to have amazing pictures of nature and animals it is good to remember that low light doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. In some cases the settings could be to your advantage. All it takes is to push your luck a little bit and to wait for the right moment.

Although it might seem like a quest, it isn’t impossible to take beautiful pictures of nature and animals.

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