Photography is definitely an art which is hard to master, especially certain photography styles of specific styles.  There are certain types of photography which may not be as easy to pursue as the others. Where on one hand, styles like portrait photography are relatively easy, clicking pictures of wildlife and volcano etc can be rather tough. But to help you master volcano photography and to capture the perfect frame, below given are some useful tips and tricks.

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wonderful tips to photograph a volcano

1. Use Telephoto Lenses

The first and most important tip to photograph a volcano is to use telephoto lenses. This will help you in capturing eruption of the powerful nature. Make sure you resist the urge to zoom in too close and pick up a location which offers some of the other environmental elements for context and framing.  This will help to take an image which has a grounded quality and is more balanced.

2. Research in Advance

It is very important to do some research in advance about the area and take the necessary permissions since not everybody is allowed near an erupting volcano. Access to many such locations is refused especially if you go alone. You may be allowed if you go with a guide or a local expert.

3. Use Longer Shutter Speeds for Capturing Eruptions in the Night

If you are photographing a volcano in the night or in low light conditions, then make sure you use longer shutter speeds to capture the shots which are not shaky. This can also help you paint the eruptions in lovely arcs and sizzling lines.

4. Carry a Stand

This may be an obvious point but many photographers avoid carrying camera stands. But to shoot a volcano, you may need to carry one since the eruptions are in motion and may be difficult to catch otherwise. Infact if you are shooting in low light conditions you must always have a solid base for your camera.

5. Wait for the Right Moment

A lot is happening at the time a volcano erupts and this can be confusing for photographers. But make sure you wait for the right time and study in advance how the eruptions take place to time your shots. Don’t forget to use manual settings and focus right for making adjustments between shots. It is advisable not to use auto mode while shooting a volcano as you can go much better with manual settings.

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