There are so many beautiful places in the world to capture in landscape photography. It’s very hard to choose the best as it’s all just personal opinion. But if you’re willing to listen to some ideas of places you can’t go wrong. Of places that offer some breathtaking scenery, here are some wonderful spots to visit with a camera.

5 Spectacular Countries for Landscape Photography

1. Chile

This South American country lies between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains. It offers some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. There are glacier regions in the south and the north features the Atacama Desert.

The nation’s scenery and climates are very diverse as it’s filled with wonderful volcanoes, forests, lakes, glaciers, islands, inlets, canals, and fiords. In addition, the beautiful Easter Island and its abundance of archaeological sites belong to Chile, making it a photographer’s dream come true.

2. Australia
Australia is deceivingly large and is the only country in the world to also be a continent. There’s so much countryside and outback here because most of the population resides in half a dozen major cities. This leaves the rest of the land to be explored by the likes of photographers.

You’ll find colourful coral reefs and ocean waters, white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, the rugged outback and mountains, desert land and some amazing wildlife.

3. Nepal
This small nation is nestled in the Himalayas and has plenty to offer to landscape photographers. This includes majestic mountains, winding rivers, lakes, and plenty of snow in some regions. Every corner you turn offers new and exciting scenery.

4. Holland
This choice might surprise some people. But this small nation tucked away in Europe provides excellent natural beauty in both the countryside and in its towns and cities. The land is filled with picturesque canals, dykes, lakes, forests, dunes, and national parks. The architecture is tremendously appealing and the large city of Amsterdam exudes small-town charm.

5. New Zealand
New Zealand is largely uninhabited, unspoiled, and unpolluted, making it another ideal location for taking shots of the land’s natural beauty. There are plenty of beaches, glaciers, rivers, mountains, fiords, islands, and geysers, to keep you busy for days on end.


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