seaside photographsIn the world of digital photography you can never say you know too much or that you have learned everything.

The beach offers the photographers, extremely frequent opportunities, to create many wonderful landscape photographs. The only minus there is that the beaches are crowded and during summer there will be a problem to find a more peaceful place.

Also the nature will create some problems because of the abundance of light and color that can mislead the sensors of the camera.

Perfect timing: The Sea is in continuous movement, and patience is a must. The camera must be ready to be synchronized with that certain waves brushing against the shore and that synchronization can create amazing shots.

Wide perspective: When photographing the line where the sky meets the sea it is best not to center it. Avoid symmetry and you will get a masterpiece.

Avoid rush hours: Try and get to the beach in the less crowded hours, in the morning or in the evening, when a storm is near or when it is about to rain. Avoiding the human presence in the frame will make the sea look wild.

Use the flash: When you take pictures of a person on a sunny day, it is almost impossible not to catch shadows on his or her face. Through the use of the flash you will correct these shadows and focus on every detail.



  1. Taking photographs at the beach is not only a place of wonderful opportunity but one of challengesMost excellent ideas and information. I’m now excited to bring my camera to a beach soon!

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